Registration, breakfast and presentation of the Festival


How to grow a vertical vegetable garden?

Agriturismo Regio Tratturo

Would you like to grow a vegetable garden with your own hands, but you have only at your disposal a simple balcony? A practical course on how to grow a vegetable garden on vertical walls or on the balcony of your home, from the choice of soil for the most common vegetable plant species, to the sowing season, irrigation and harvesting period, with some practical advices on how to use some low-cost materials to grow your vegetable garden, without giving up to fresh vegetables, freshly made during the year.


From farm to fork: cooking course

Agriturismo Regio Tratturo

Everyone will be involved in the preparation of a typical dish of the local cuisine. Before starting, you will have to collect the raw materials needed to prepare the dish, grinding the flour or collecting the vegetables in the vegetable garden.


Olive oil tasting course

Mena D’Avino, Slow Food, Condotta “Irpinia, COlline dell’Ufita e Taurasi”

An introduction to the positive attributes and sensory defects of olive oils, consumer perceptions, meaning of extra-virgin, tasting of different olive varieties, including the local variety Ravece and its extra-virgin olive oil "Irpinia-Colline dell'Ufita DOP"




Agora - The role of biodiversity in agriculture, recovery and valorisation of the plant genetic heritage of Mediterranean agriculture

Dr. Rosa Pepe, CREA / Research Center for Horticulture and Nursery Gardening of Pontecagnano (Salerno)


Artisanal liqueurs making, herbs, recipes and local traditions

Agriturismo Regio Tratturo


Introduction to beekeeping: from theory to practice

Luigi Mesisca, Beekeeper

Introduction to the fabulous world of bees, discover their social hierarchy, language, and physiology; learn more about honey, beehive products and how to become a real beekeeper.


Yoga session in the olive groves of the farm

Ilio Ragucci, Musictherapist, Teacher of Yoga/Shiatsu


Dinner with live music

Stragatti Band, swing, boogie-woogie, surf e twist